Con Cuerpo

by People with Bodies

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released June 13, 2017

All songs written and performed by People with Bodies in Reno, NV, USA.

Engineered and Produced by Watson Meyer with help from Noah Dickie
Mixed and mastered by Diego Poloni in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Cover art by Jessica Nakaema
Additional post-production help from Tea Haze

Saxaphones on Car Crash by Jacob Reid
Trombone on Car Crash by Watson Meyer

Thanks to Mike Corbitt, Ronan and Pho 777.




People with Bodies Reno, Nevada

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Track Name: Finder
Optimism, pessimism fighting in my head.
Are things good or are they bad, how soon will I be dead?
Wallowing and make-believing carry me along.
How do I undo this tangle, how do I move on?
Find the love inside myself / Find the love inside my hell
Find the love inside my shell / Find the love inside myself
Holy visions, profane dreams are fighting in my bed.
So obsessed with finding meaning, enjoy it all instead.
Wake up to a restless nation tied up with the hate,
Praying for annihilation, I won't take the bait.
Track Name: Theme Song
Poke my head out of the bubble.
Try to see if I can swim
I can’t, I’m drowning in the rubble.
It looked so easy as a kid.
Channel 1-4, there’s nothing on.
Things change, I’m stupid. / I change, things are stupid.
90s crumbling behind you. I’m trying hard just to feel free.
I’m watching sitcoms that should comfort,
but the dad looks most like me.
Track Name: Boy
I used to be a boy / part of me always will be.
My backyard was a kingdom
a realm of beasts and sorcery.
Wanted to be a man. / Wanted to be a werewolf.
To see the world like bugs do,
and salt the snails with grandma too.
We found a box of dildos / in our friend’s mom’s closet.
We all laughed for a minute / but we all secretly wanted it.
I came inside the house. / I saw he was naked
Distant look in his eye / His dad’s gun in his left hand
Couldn’t be sure if he was joking when he pointed it at me
would I go to heaven? If he pulled the trigger would it go…
Track Name: Car Crash
While your back is turned
I pry the door and hop on in.
Jump in your car, drive around, drive around town.
Into another car, into another body, into another car.
I dreamed we never crashed, but the dream didn’t last.
‘Cause if we never crashed you know we never
would’ve shared this laugh.
Track Name: Into and Out of
I realized my dad’s a loner
I think that I’m a loner too.
Went to a party, lots of people that I knew
I had to leave
I didn’t say goodbye to anyone.
I walked my bike across the city;
the wheels worked fine but my head was spinning.
And every thought another baseball card
scraped against the spokes
I keep avoiding folks.
When I’m home I need to get out.
When I’m out I need to leave.
My mom says that I don’t try enough.
But every time I try it seems so tough.
And every one that I know that has someone
seems to stay home having fun
watching netflix and fucking.
I don’t want to become stagnant
a rotten pool creative fragment
Maybe I want something
no one can give me
not even myself.
Track Name: Cuerpo Ambulante
Parece que
yo soy insecto en tu taro.
Tira de mi brazo mientras que un caballo tira del otro.
Lo siento / el dolor del cuerpo ambulante.
You think I am an insect in your jar.
You tug my arm and tie the other to a moving car.
I feel it / el dolor del cuerpo ambulante.
Track Name: Everything was hurt and nothing beautifuled
Everything hurts and then it feels alright
sometimes my hand won’t move
sometimes you think that you’re losing your sight.
And you’re sitting on the floor,
let your nose bleed into your hands.
And no matter what you do,
you can’t seem to understand.
Sometimes my body does things I don’t want it to do
I’m feeling pretty tired of the whole thing, how bout you?
You thought you had control,
but you had control of nothing.
you’ve never had control of anything.
Can my body be against me?
Is it even me?
Track Name: Thing in the Air
It doesn’t feel right
like they always said that it would
It has not lived up to / up to what it could.
And I am upset / at all the things that I have to own
I’m mad at a telephone.
And I am so close / I’ve never felt so far away.
And everyone I know, never know what we want to say.
Like the words were written by somebody else
I pulled them off the shelf / put them in my mouth
they became myself.
That thing in the air.
Everywhere I go it’s always something
Everywhere I go it’s all the same thing
Everyone I meet they say the same thing.
Everywhere I go it’s all the same thing in the air.
Track Name: Still
We walked into the graveyard
the gate was open./ Winter night in São Paulo,
we came back we were locked in.
10 foot wall all around us / razor wire spiral above,
Catacombs right between us. I climbed up just enough.
Sprawled out on top of a Portuguese last name
woman I could not have known.I’ve never seen you.
Eu nunca vi você.
Saw the forest on fire, / I stood still, became a tree.
Saw myself across the valley / swaying in the breeze
Winter night in Florípa, / parking lot filled with tombs.
On the wind, heard Bossa Nova.
Bury me into the dunes.
I’m a grave now. / Portuguese name now.
I am here now / You are here now Eu estou aqui.
Você está, também. It’s just us now, standing still.

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